Spring Weekend

This past weekend I made a short overnight trip to NYC with a friend who had to go for work. After a bit of a stressful morning, I missed my bus because I couldn’t find the buses (idiot!) and the rest of the days buses were sold out, I finally bought an Amtrak ticket and rode the train.

We arrived in NYC around 10am and headed to our hotel near Times Square to check-in. And then we were off to Brooklyn to EAT.

First stop was Dun-Well Donuts. I’ve been hearing about it for almost a year and it was about as amazing as I imagined. They had a nice selection of donuts and we settled on sharing coffee cake, chocolate with sprinkles, coconut, and plain glazed. They were all good, but I have to say the glazed was the best. I didn’t even like donuts growing up, but for some reason the past few years I have become obsessed.



Post donuts we made the short walk over to Pine Box Rock Shop because they just so happened to be having a vegan pop-up shop. We arrived a bit early and hung around outside watching The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck set up. We weren’t hungry but after checking out the menu and the short line, we decided to grab sandwiches for later.


It was a no-brainer for me and I ordered the maple mustard tempeh sandwich, topped with kale and garlic aioli.


We walked around the pop-up shop before it got crowded and I was able to buy some chapstick from Meow Meow Tweet (love this company!) and found this AWESOME cashew cheese from Treeline Treenut Cheese. Apparently this is hard stuff to get your hands on and I bought the last smoked cheese…only 15 minutes after they had opened.


It was such a beautiful day that after the pop-up we walked all around Brooklyn, ending in Prospect Park and finally eating our sandwiches. Finally we went back to Manhattan and went out to dinner at Mexican Radio. It was ok, good choice if you are with veg*ns and omnis. We grabbed some beers post dinner and then went back to the hotel.

Sunday morning my friend and I got up early to run in Central Park! I was really excited about this because I have never had the chance to run in NYC. We mapped out a route that had us ending at a bagel shop.

I then gathered my things and took the bus back to Philly.

Sunday was such a nice day that once I got home Eric and I decided to take a walk around the city and see where we would end up. We decided to walk south and once we started to get a bit hungry and thirsty we veered towards Grindcore House to pick up some tea and scones.


We stopped by a friend’s to check out his new house and then walked over to the P.O.P.E where we met other friends for dinner.

Seriously awesome weekend filled with probably the best food ever.


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