Abandoned Turnpike Tunnels

We had a to make a quick last minute trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend to celebrate the life of a close friend. The service wasn’t until Sunday afternoon, so we took our time getting to Pittsburgh and did some exploring along the way.

In the middle of Pennsylvania there are a few abandoned turnpike tunnels. The turnpike used to be 2 lanes, and when they were expanding it they decided to close the old tunnels and bypass around them.


We stopped at Ray’s Hill which is open to the public. Supposedly one day this will be turned in a nice bike path, but for now it’s just a path with a lot of broken asphalt. Eric has actually ridden through the tunnels when making his trek from Philly to Pittsburgh.



You are able to park at the entrance to the road, and then have to walk about a mile until you reach the actual tunnel.

We didn’t walk the entire length of the tunnel, but got about halfway. It’s pretty creepy and eerie. It doesn’t get pitch black inside, but the further you go in the darker it gets.



Post walking through the tunnel the guys decided to climb up on top of the tunnel. They ended up going through the old building that housed the turbines.



I’d definitely like to check out the other tunnels soon. And definitely remember to bring a flashlight.


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  1. Creepy! And awesome. I’d love to explore those tunnels!

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