Before Broad Street

Lately I have started, and then never finished, multiple blog posts. I start, and then get busy or side-tracked and then never return.

So this Sunday is the Broad Street 10 Mile Run! One of my favorites. My first real long distance race (4 years ago!). I am really excited but also just feel weird going into this weekend.

I feel weird because of Boston. I’m not necessarily scared that something will happen during the run, but when you read that they have set up evacuation shelters along the course it’s hard not to worry.

And then I feel weird because for the first time ever I really have no goals for this race. I’ve been running, but not really training. I have no time goals, I know I won’t PR, and I really have no idea what pace I should run. And while maybe my goal should just be to finish, I know I can run 10 miles and it probably won’t be a problem (#sweetbrag).


And all of that just feels weird.


Fun running during the Philadelphia Runner Urban Scramble

On another note, I have really enjoyed this not training cycle. I went from a back injury in January, to slowly building my mileage and just having fun while exercising I starting running more trails and have been riding my bike at least once a week.



I also have another running race at the end of the month, the Dirty German 25k! I ran this last year as my first trail race and it was SO MUCH FUN. I have a ton of friends running it this year. So between now and the end of May I will be spending a lot of time here and there, which isn’t too bad.



Oh, I also joined a new mountain bike/cyclocross team, but that’s another post for another day. But here’s a shot of new, fresh kits!


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2 Responses to Before Broad Street

  1. Lisa says:

    You’re awesome. I love that you have so many interests and hobbies and truly pursue them. Try not to feel nervous or weird… I’m going to try and come out and cheer you on!

  2. Laura says:

    We will be thinking of you tomorrow, Lauren. Good luck with the run. Looks like the weather will be cooperating … and I trust that your #1 fan will also be there cheering you on!!!

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