Broad Street 2013

As I mentioned last week, I really didn’t know how I should run this years Broad Street 10 mile race. I have been running, but not really training (aka speedwork).

We went to a bike swap on Saturday and I was talking to my friend Blake (who is a seasoned runner and ultra marathoner) and he suggested just running as fast as possible until I blew up. After some thoughts and more talking, I thought taking this approach would be interesting, and why not?

Sunday morning, Eric drove me to the Spring Garden stop, and I caught the subway up to the start. I saw friends on the subway and then met up with my friends Olivia and Leslie at the start. We hung for a bit and then I slipped into my corral.


I wore red socks and an awesome sticker the race promoters created.

I ran across the start line and just started running by feel. I was feeling great and was just super pumped to be running. I kept looking for Eric, but never saw him (more on that later).

The miles kept ticking by and I felt great. I got so excited when we were approaching City Hall because the run was more than halfway and I was feeling great.


So I just kept running and running. Never feeling mentally or physically spent. And at around mile 7 I realized I could PR!! Which was just the boost I needed to keep going.

I ended up crossing the finish line in 1:21:xx, almost a full minute PR from last year. While I have been running, it’s been some sloooow miles on trails.


Post race a bunch of friends and I met up. I kept calling and texting Eric after the race, only to find out he ran part of the race (9.5 miles!) for fun. He’s insane and never runs.





We all headed over to FDR to hang out with Philadelphia Runner.



And then there were horses. Because horses always randomly show up in Philly.


After some beer and some food we decided to go to Blackbird for some more food.
Blake mentioned he was running there and I think the beers convinced me it was a good idea.

Blake and I ran to Blackbird and met Eric and scarfed down pizza, wings, and fries. After eating we discusse our options to get home and Blake and I decided to run back to Northern Liberties.

I ended the day at 16 ish miles.

Splits from the race and the miles home:


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3 Responses to Broad Street 2013

  1. jennifer says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed! You ran even more after finishing BSR and having some beers? I could barely walk to the subway after the run. Haha.

  2. Rob says:

    “(Eric) he ran part of the race (9.5 miles!) for fun.” – Crazy…

    Congrats on the PR (and it took me a while to figure out what PR meant)! Proud of you and all the running!!

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    Woah, congrats! That rules!

    I can’t believe Eric ran 9.5 miles with no training? (Also it’s weird that I’ve never met him – or you – and I am referencing him by first name like hey, yo!) I know he bikes and stuff but man! Was he able to walk the next day?!

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