Dirt Rag Dirt Fest

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, we drove out to Raystown Lake in the middle of PA for DirtFest. It’s an annual mountain bike fest/part and we though it would be a good opportunity for me to finally give mountain biking a try. A group of us left Philly Friday morning and drove about 4 hours until we reached our campsite.


Saturday morning we woke up fairly early and got ready. I wanted to get to the demo area to get a bike and there was a ladies clinic at 10am I was interested in trying.

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Eric helped me pick out a bike and then rode with me to the ladies clinic.

The clinic started off super basic. Like never ridden a bike before basic. We then moved on from there and I was able to learn a lot of the basics of mountain biking.

Towards the end of the clinic we did a few logs. Our instructor asked me if I wanted to try the multi-logs, and I hesitantly said yes. It turned out to be awesome and the bike just coasted over the logs.

image (5)

At the end of the clinic a large group of us rode the trails back to the expo. This was my first time on the trails and it was amazing. I loved going up and down and all the guys we passed making comments on how awesome our large group of women was.

image (6)

I had had the demo bike for about an hour too long so I turned it back in and headed back to camp to eat lunch. Post lunch we headed back to the expo to grab another demo bike.  We did a nice variety of green, blue, and black, mostly all rideable, although there were a few rocky sections I choose to walk (this was my first time after all). The trails were really flowy and smooth.

image (2)

image (8)

We rode the entire afternoon and took a small break at the overlook, the perfect opportunity for some awesome women team photos. Demo bikes had to be returned at 5:30, so after realizing we were cutting it close we hauled ass back to the expo area to return our bikes.

image (3)

image (4)

It was awesome to finally give mountain biking a try. Now I just need to save some money to get one of my own.

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  1. Amanda Share says:

    Lake Raystown!! I grew up about 40 minutes from there! I absolutely love it there!

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