Granogue 11k Trail Run + D.C. Fun

Saturday morning we were up early and on the road to Granogue, Delaware for a trail run. I had originally planned on doing this trail run because it was a fun mix of trail running and mountain bike racing and Eric was going to do the mountain bike race. That ended up not working out, so in the end we both ran the trail run.

It was held on the DuPont estate which I had been to once before for a cross race. The day before the race (Friday) it poured rain all day. I was skeptical if the race would even go on, but we never received an email so we headed out early for the 8am start time.

 It was a small, low-key race and I was able to start near the front. They yelled go and Eric and I started together, him behind me, making small chit-chat that annoyed me. Because of all the rain the course was slick and muddy with some puddles of water. And the course was tough. Seriously tough. There were some steep hills, and combined with mud it made for a very difficult race.

Having never done this race I had no idea what to expect and I started off a bit fast, slowed down a ton in the middle, and then picked up the pace towards the end.


I remember feeling like hell while running the race, but once it was over I realized I actually had a really fun time. We hung around the finish line and were able to watch our friends come through the chute.


Since it was such a small race I was curious to see how I did overall. I ended up 3rd in the female 20-29 age group. Pretty exciting for a tough race! I even got to pick out a prize, haha.


We cleaned up after the race and headed south to D.C. for the night. After checking into our hotel we jumped on the subway to do a few touristy things. The National Mall was really crowded, and after walking around for a bit we decided to try out Capital Bike Share. (*I ALWAYS wear a helmet, but did not anticipate riding while in D.C. so I didn’t even bring one).


The bike share was so rad. We picked up bikes at the Lincoln Memorial and rode around and eventually headed towards Georgetown and dropped the bikes off at the university.




Philly is supposed to get a bike share, I really hope it comes through because it was great. I can’t wait to go to other cities and check out their shares.

 We went to D.C. because the company Eric works for is the main sponsor for a pro bike race. Sunday morning they put on a ride that employees were encouraged to participate in. I skipped the ride and slept in, but headed down to catch some of the men’s pro race.

 It was pretty cool because we go to hang in the VIP tent and eat a bunch of free food and watch the race.


We didn’t stay for the entire race because we needed to get back to Philly, but I took a short intense video while we were leaving.

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