Rome, Italy

I’ve been slacking…

At the end of June my mom and I took a long vacation to Italy, just the two of us. We’ve traveled overseas together before, and it was nice to do a trip together since we don’t live that close, or see each that much, anymore.

My mom kind of left all the planning up to me, which was nice, but also stressful. We left Philly on a Wednesday night and had a direct flight to Rome, landing Thursday morning.

Upon arrival in Rome we took the Leonardo Express into Termini station and then walked to the apartment we had rented close by.

Italy June 2013 201

Italy June 2013 200





We dropped our bags off and immediately set off on exploring. I knew we would be tired and jet-lagged so I wanted to get out and walk as much as possible to help shake off the tiredness.


I had a rough itinerary and we started walking towards the Colosseum. I knew we were on the right track and then all of the sudden I looked out of the corner of my eye and there it was it! It was huge!

Italy June 2013 009 Italy June 2013 011 Italy June 2013 013 Italy June 2013 014 Italy June 2013 015 Italy June 2013 017 Italy June 2013 018


I had purchased a Roma Pass which allowed us to skip the line, which was awesome! We did a few loops around the Coloseum and then headed across the street to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forums. This area was awesome. I had an awesome time just walking around and looking at everything.






Italy June 2013 020 Italy June 2013 022 Italy June 2013 027 Italy June 2013 031 Italy June 2013 033 Italy June 2013 037 Italy June 2013 042 Italy June 2013 045 Italy June 2013 055 Italy June 2013 056

We then continued our walking tour and swung by the Pantheon and then walked over to Trevi Fountain.


Italy June 2013 067

Italy June 2013 072


Right near Trevi Fountain there is a gelato place that has soy gelato!! Wooo! We went back here a few times trying the different flavors.

Italy June 2013 069 Italy June 2013 071

Italy June 2013 080

We hung out at the fountain for a bit and then went to a tourist place nearby for dinner. We were pretty tired and hungry and really wanted to just eat and go to sleep. Not the best, but it hit the spot. I was able to get some grilled veggies and some focaccia, and my mom and I shared some wine.

Italy June 2013 074

Italy June 2013 079 Italy June 2013 078

Italy June 2013 077



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5 Responses to Rome, Italy

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh I love this.

  2. Pretty! I’ve never been to Italy! You and your mom look so much alike!

    Also, my mom is the same way about trip planning. When we go somewhere together, she always leaves the planning to me. :-) Probably because she knows I’m a control freak. Ha! She just goes with whatever flow I come up with.

  3. Laura says:

    Looks like you two “girls” had awesome weather. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Lauren!

  4. susan says:

    Great photos! So strange I’ve been to all those far away places. Sometimes even eh food in Italy is a winner.

  5. Rob says:

    awesome! awesome! awesome!

    great photos and it looks like it was a great trip! also, thanks for letting me visit Rome through you and your photos!

    when’s the Guanajuato reunion??

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