Rome, cont.

We spent a total of 3 days in Rome which was quite perfect. Most mornings were pretty busy and then we would eat lunch and just wander around.

On our second day we got up early and headed to Vatican City to go to the museum. We didn’t pre-book tickets so we arrived about an hour before it opened to stand in line. The line is annoying, it’s long, slow moving, and there are people constantly harassing you to take guided tours and try to sell you hats and scarves. At least we got to stand in the shade and lean against a wall.
Italy June 2013 083

Italy June 2013 087

Italy June 2013 090

The Vatican museum was beautiful, but so crowded. We tried to enjoy it as much as possible but eventually we took the shortcut to the Sistine Chapel. No photos allowed inside, but it really was as beautiful as you would think, although smaller than I imagined. it’s not a large chapel by any means.

Italy June 2013 099

Italy June 2013 104

And pro tip…when leaving the Sistine Chapel exit to the right, through the group tour exit, this allows you to go directly to St. Peter’s Square. The other exit makes you loop back around the walls of Vatican City.

Italy June 2013 111


Italy June 2013 115

Italy June 2013 117

Italy June 2013 119

Italy June 2013 122

Italy June 2013 125

Italy June 2013 128

Italy June 2013 133

The pope was actually going to be around later that evening, but we weren’t able to make it back.

Italy June 2013 136

The museum excursion took most of the morning, so when we were finished we hopped on the metro and headed to Il Margutta for lunch, a vegetarian restaurant! They do a buffet style lunch and then a seated dinner (we returned for dinner the next night, but I preferred the buffet lunch). 

Italy June 2013 138 Italy June 2013 139 Italy June 2013 140 Italy June 2013 141

The restaurant isn’t too far from The Spanish Steps, so we walked over there and explored that part of town.

Italy June 2013 146On our last day in Rome I had one thing I really wanted to do…go check out the cat sanctuary!!! I had read about this place years ago, but really wasn’t sure if it was still open. It’s so cool though, it’s a cat sanctuary in the middle of Rome, in the ruins. These cats live the life.

Italy June 2013 155 Italy June 2013 159 Italy June 2013 160


It was a game of spot the cats!

Italy June 2013 167 Post cats we walked over to the Pantheon. I liked the Pantheon because it was free and because of the giant hole in the top, I was really hoping it would start raining so we could see the rain fall inside of the church. Italy June 2013 169 Italy June 2013 174


So Rome was awesome. Up next, Florence, let’s just hope it doesn’t take me weeks to get to that. Italy June 2013 185


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  1. The cat sanctuary is amazing!! I wanna go to Rome just to see that!

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