Cyclocross 2013

Last year was very much the year for running for me. I really wanted to run a sub-4 marathon and put in a lot of time and work to reach that goal. But I knew as the year ended that I needed a break from running, physically and mentally. I planned a few races for the Spring, but decided that come summer I would switch my focus to cycling because I really wanted to race cyclocross this year.

I started off with short rides, usually with Eric because I was nervous to ride by myself, but after almost a month of constantly riding my bike and got more and more comfortable and started heading out into the park by myself after work. Riding became easier and a lot more fun, and at the beginning of August and Eric and I rode to the beach and back, about 150 miles roundtrip, and I really couldn’t believe I did it.

This past weekend was the first cross race of the season, and my first time doing back to back races. I did a few races last year, but they didn’t go so well and I was really timid. I wasn’t as nervous this year, but really didn’t know what to expect. I really only had 1 goal of NOT breaking my bike.

Post-race, my teammate Jen and I got our nails done to match our kits!


The race went surprisingly well. I hung right behind 2 strong local riders the entire race and felt great on the bike. I didn’t fall and didn’t break my bike. I ended up coming in 12th out of 50, which is by far my best race ever. I really couldn’t believe it myself.




Eric raced a few races after me. He didn’t feel great racing, wasn’t in the ‘cross mindset, but crossed the lined 16th out of ~126 dudes.


We spent Saturday night recovering and then headed back out Sunday morning for day 2. The course on the second day was fun, but really fast. The girls in my race took off and I had no hope of catching them. I ended up spending my race just picking off people in front of me and came in 17th out of 47.




Eric had a better day Sunday and came in 10th out of ~120.



I even shot a video of him.

Next weekend we head to Baltimore for another double header weekend!

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