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It’s been a while. I have no excuse except that I have been too lazy to post. I’ve been busy with work and our weekends have been taken up with racing. My first full season of racing cyclocross is coming to a close so I figured I should do a small recap of all the races since my last post so I can remember. It’s been an up and down ride.

Since we last spoke…

Crossasaurus! My best race to date! I wrote a blog post for my team ( but to recap, this was the smartest race I have done which landed me a 3rd place finish and a spot on the podium! Everything seemed to come together and work in my favor and I am still so excited about that finish.


After my real race I raced the single speed race. I put on a bunch of my cat related clothing and put a case of beer on the front of my bike and raced and passed out beer. I think I was popular?! Hahah.


Then things started to go downhill. The next weekend was a double header. On Saturday we went to the PA Renaissance Fair for Swashbuckler. I pre-rode the course and was STOKED. The most fun course ever. I was feeling high off of the previous week and ready to crush some souls. Only to flat in the first lap and run my bike a long way to the pit to get a new wheel. It sucked. But instead of quitting I hopped back on and finished in the back of the field. No photos of myself, but here are some of Eric!

IMG_6560 IMG_6595 IMG_6610

The next day, Sunday, was Stoudt’s. I started strong, going into the course in 2nd place and then things just got progressively worse. I felt terrible. I think I was on the verge of getting sick. I finished in a respectable 10th but that wasn’t where I wanted to be.

IMG_6681 IMG_6683 IMG_6687

The next weekend was Fair Hill. The course is a ton of fun. I was a little nervous at the start because Eric had a bad crash at the start last year, and the start was HELLA scary. They lined us up too close together on gravel and it was sketchy. I played it safe and had a poor start. I was feeling good riding, though, but then coming to a short uphill I dropped my chain and fell. It took me a while to get my chain back on and a few girls passed me. Once I got back on the bike I was never able to catch back up with them. Oh well.

IMG_6775 IMG_6776 IMG_6777

Eric managed to nab his first win of the season, so while my race was a bummer it was exciting to watch his!




Last weekend was Kutztown and I was just feeling meh. The course wasn’t too technical but there were these 2 little logs in the back section that I knew I needed to ride, except while pre-riding I ate shit over them multiple times. I fell hard one time and still have some large black bruises from that. I ended up running the logs during the race just because I felt safer doing that. Lame. Next year I will work on hopping logs. I was by myself most of the race, the girls in front were too far to catch and the girl behind me was quite a ways back. I finished 7th and was happy with that.

IMG_6840 IMG_6839

This past weekend….things FINALLY came back together. It was the Pennsylvania State Championship and I really wasn’t expecting much out of my race. Sunday was cold. And windy. So the weather conditions sucked. A lot of girls ended up not showing up to the race. I lined up and then Eric came and hugged me to keep me warm, it was the best and nicest thing ever.

The whistle blew and my teammate goes off the front, followed by another girl, and then me. But then I thought too myself “OMG how cool would it be if Emily and I went off the front together” so I put in some work and got up to my teammate. We rode 1 and 2 for most of the first lap and it was awesome. And then the other faster girls caught us and passed me. I fell back to 6th and started to get complacent with that. And then I was like “OH HELL NO, this is the state champs, I am going to put some work in.” I caught back up to the group and hung on the back, eventually passing 2 girls and putting myself into 4th. Once I got into 4th I knew I wasn’t going to move up further so I decided to play it safe and keep my position there.


While not technically on the podium I was next to it. :)


And it’s kind of cool to be like “oh no big deal, just got 4th place in the state champs.”

Next up…Single Speeds Worlds followed by Limestone. And then figuring out what I want to do next year (marathons, ultramarathons, more bike racing?!!?).


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