The Waiting Game – 6 Weeks

This week will mark 6 weeks since the accident/surgery and today I went to my 4th doctor’s follow up.

I felt really good and optimistic going into this appointment. I have felt great lately, little to no pain, and I thought today might be the day I would get rid of the cast for good.

They took my cast off and moved my foot around a bit and I felt no pain, just general stiffness. This all seemed like great progress to me. The skin on top of my foot is healing great and even starting to peel off which fresh looking skin underneath! This is great news as I was really worried about how the skin would heal.


One of the doctor’s commented that my dislocation was the worst she had ever seen. I guess if you are going to go big…go really big.

I even got to put my foot down for X-rays and it was the first time in almost 6 weeks that my foot has touched the ground, it was great!

So the good news! I am out of the cast! I am in a boot! I can’t put weight down but it’s easier to rest my foot in the boot, and when I am home I can take it off and hang out in style. I am hoping this is a lot more comfortable.




I can also practice moving it up and down a bit.

My appointment wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine though. I have to go get CT scans next week and I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks and find out if I need more surgery. Yea…more surgery, the last thing I was expecting to hear after what seemed like great progress.

I shattered off part of my talus and may need a bone graft to help fix it. I know in the long run if I need more surgery it’s for the best, but I just can’t imagine doing this all over again since I thought I was nearing the end. I currently have a plate in my Fibula and 3 screws in my Tibia.


But on the other hand everything could look great and I could be on my way towards PT and walking. So things are really up in the air for the next 2 weeks. I’m really trying to NOT focus on surgery being the option but I am also trying to be realistic and set my expectations.


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  1. alex21 says:

    How did you break your leg?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

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