The Big Picture and The Little Victories

I have no gross photos to show you this week, but since a blog post without photos is just a bunch of words, here are some awesome eats we’ve been having lately! I love that I am able to get out of the house more, and Eric does a nice job of driving me around to restaurants.

Cauliflower Banh Mi at Sprig & Vine! This might be my most favorite sandwich ever. It’s so good.



Chocolate Lava Cake from Vegan Commissary! A new vegan place in Philly, Eric and I went to dinner there a few weeks ago and it was great. Nice mix of healthy and not so healthy food.



Pizza for Pi Day from Blackbird! Sadly Blackbird took my favorite pizza off the menu (Yukon Gold) but they replaced it with this. This pie is good, but doesn’t fill the hole in my heart that the yukon gold ripped and stole from me.


Ok now on to the ankle updates…

I enjoy blogging about my broken ankle not only to track my progress, but also because I have spent so much time searching and reading other people’s personal stories. And there is so much inconsistency in people’s breaks and recoveries that I think it’s nice to read first hand, real world accounts.

At this point I have accepted that I had/have a severe ankle injury that’s going to take a long time to heal. And I am so far from where I want to be that I easily get frustrated. I really only have two big picture goals: start walking and resume my normal activity level. I get frustrated because I can’t do either, although I think walking is coming soon, but I tend to forget all of the little things (victories) that have happened the past few weeks that are helping me reach my big picture goals.

I started PT three weeks ago and when I started there was zero movement in my foot/ankle, and I couldn’t even get it flat on the ground. I found an amazing therapist who is doing amazing things, she pushes me just enough and has loads of confidence in me and my recovery, which has been great. I’ve been going three times a week, and by far I am the worse off of anyone that I ever see at PT.

Three weeks ago I could do nothing. As of this week I can ride the stationary bike, walk on the treadmill while holding on to the handrails, and I am beginning to put full weight on my foot. I also learned walking with one crutch, but it’s still a struggle so I am only practicing it while I am at PT. It’s all hard, my ankle is sore today after two tough sessions.

This week marks 3 months since I got hit and I had my first doctor check up in a few weeks. I came out of there with good news which essentially ended with my doctor telling me to try to get off the crutches asap. Eventually I may need more surgery to remove some bone fragments (which I can sometimes feel moving around, eww), but it’s something that isn’t necessary and can happen later.

Champion Cat!

Champion Cat!

On another note, a couple of weeks ago Eric and I ordered a bunch of vitamins to make us super humans. I specifically ordered some to help with my ankle. I’m not sure how much they have really helped, but I am getting better so I don’t think they are hurting.

I ordered some vegan glucosamine pills. It’s hard finding a veg version in regular drugstores. It’s supposed to help with joint pain, and I think this is something I will continue taking for a while. I may be able to tell if it really helps with the pain once my ankle is healed.

I also started taking curcumin, which is tumeric. It’s supposed to help with inflammation. My foot and ankle are still pretty swollen, but the inflammation has gone down. I am not sure if that’s just giving it time or from the actual pills, but I’ll probably continue taking it since there are a ton of health benefits.

Anyway, lots of exciting things are happening soon, which are really motivating me to heal up and get to walking. This weekend we are heading to the Catskills with some friends. Everyone is going skiing and I plan on taking it easy at the cabin or lodge and have already loaded up my iPad with some new books.

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3 Responses to The Big Picture and The Little Victories

  1. lisa says:

    EXCITING things, indeed! So happy to hear about your progress and your positive attitude towards it all. Not an easy task to take on, that’s for sure. You’re an inspiration!! xx

  2. Bianca says:

    Hang in there! Sounds like you’re making real progress at the PT though! The time it takes for bones to heal is soooooooo frustrating…..

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    That is so great! Good news, lady. I hope you don’t need additional surgery down the line.

    Look at that Champion Cat! Aces!

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