Home Sweet Home

I am due to write a fairly long update, about life, my ankle, getting back on the bike, but life has been pretty busy because at the end of April Eric and I closed on our first home!!

Buying a home was…interesting? We had started looking towards the end of the year last year and then stopped when I broke my ankle (because all Philly homes have stairs!), started looking online again in February, and then found the perfect house and somehow everything fell into place and it’s ours.

The house is in great shape so we have only been doing small projects here and there. As much as I liked the idea of buying a home and re-doing everything ourselves….that’s just not my style. So it’s been nice having small projects that don’t feel totally overwhelming or HAVE to get done.

We (actually Eric) did the biggest change this weekend and painted our front door BRIGHT YELLOW. It’s bright but I love it and we got a lot of compliments on it while he was outside painting.

As the boxes get unpacked and cleared I plan on taking more photos. It’s been a little overwhelming going from a small one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom home, I’m not used to have space to put things.

Oh and we bought in Philly, we aren’t quite ready for ‘burb life. 

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  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    Congrats, that’s so great! I wish we could do so in Brooklyn but I’m not holding my breath!

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