One Year Later!

Whoa, so many blog posts lined up in my head, so few blog posts that actually make it here.

But today is my one year anniversary since I broke my ankle! And that kind of brought me back to blogging so I figured it deserved a blog post!

I had considered working from home today and locking myself in the house so that nothing bad can happen to me, but instead I rode my bike to work and I will ride my bike home from work. And hopefully no injuries will happen today (or ever again). It’s really nice today (compared to last year when it was really crappy) and I saw a little girl riding on the back of her dad’s bike on my way to work and she waved at me, so I think it will be an ok day.

So my ankle is still ok, not great, but not bad. Still some sort of pain every day, but it’s bearable. I actually started running again this past week. Very lightly, one minute on, one minute off, for only 20 or so minutes. I hope to continue running a little bit, but I will definitely be on the treadmill for a while, my balance is way off and I think I could very easily trip and fall.
And speaking of balance, I have gotten really into yoga lately. I think it’s probably the best thing for my ankle, so I don’t know why I didn’t start this a while ago. It’s combining a lot of flexibility and stability and I have already noticed a huge improvement in things like standing on one leg.

And since who knows when I will make another post so I guess I should just put everything into this one. When I broke my ankle at the end of last year I really thought this year, 2014, was going to be pretty bad. But it somehow turned out to the be the best year ever!!!
Breaking my ankle showed me how great of a support system I have built for myself in Philly. I had so much help from friends and I am really happy that I have such quality people in my life.

And then Eric and I bought a house, which was really awesome, and a super adult thing to do! I love our house and it’s been a really fun project. I got a promotion at work a few months ago which was also really awesome. I love my job and company, which is a drastic change to my previous job that I haaaated. So it was nice to get some recognition and move up a little bit.

And finally, Eric and I recently got engaged! YEAAHH! There is definitely a romantic and the non-romantic version of this story, but either way I am super excited, although a little overwhelmed about the next steps.

Ok to wrap this up, Eric finished our dining table just in time for Thanksgiving. It’s pretty amazing, better than I ever expected. Now we are on the hunt for dining chairs.

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5 Responses to One Year Later!

  1. Chrissy says:

    Welcome back, and congratulations on your engagement! (And on that awesome table!)

  2. Lauren says:

    Congrats on your engagement!! Beautiful ring :)
    Also way to be a trooper and head out on your year “anniversary”. Hope you continue to recover well!

  3. melissa bucayu says:

    Where did you get the black and white print of the bike with kitties in basket? I LOVE it !! thanks

    • Lauren says:

      I got it on Etsy a long time ago! I just tried to do a search on there but couldn’t find it. Maybe try searching cats, bicycles, basket!

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