Mid January Check In

A this and that sort of update.

First up, I am doing a January yoga challenge, with Yoga with Adriene. I found the YouTube channel in November and really enjoyed the videos, then when the challenged was announced I immediately committed myself to it. I even got my mom on board. It’s been nice to do something that I can do at home, usually in the mornings before work, and I have seen a lot of yoga improvement. I also found a yoga studio near my work that I really like and I am doing yoga there a few times a week after work. Hopefully when the weather starts to warm up and I do more activities outside I still make time for some yoga, because it’s been amazing.

Second, my birthday was last weekend and I got a bunch of friends to go to the Russian bathhouse with me. I have wanted to go for a while but was always scared, so I am glad we all committed to going last Saturday. It lived up to all the weird and amazing expectations I had, and it won’t be the last time I go there. It’s BYOB too, which is fun, but could also be a bad combination with all of the saunas, hah. But I think all my friends had fun. I know Eric had a GREAT time, and even got a eucalyptus beating.


Random birthday breakfast photo, I requested we go get donuts (and bagels and tea).


Third, we bought random tickets to Milan yesterday because of this crazy deal Emirates Air is having. $800 for 2 roundtrip tickets, whaaaat?!?! Figured I would pass this along to any local people that can easily fly out of JFK. It ends in 2 days so jump on it, CLICK HERE, also I have no affiliation with any of this just wanted to pass on this crazy deal. Of course Eric planned our trip while a bike race is going on.

Lastly, planning a wedding kind of sucks and isn’t as fun as I thought. There are so many people and dates to deal with and you start to question your friendship with people because you NEED to get your guest list down, and ugh, I just want to have a good time. I think I made a breakthrough today with finding at least one venue that MIGHT work, still need to go check it out in person though.



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3 Responses to Mid January Check In

  1. Bianca says:

    Donuts and bagels are the perfect birthday breakfast! Also, love the cat pants. And love Yoga with Adrienne. I stumbled on her YouTube videos awhile back, and now they’re my go-to when I can’t get to class.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Happy birthday! That deal is awesome. The last time I got a deal like that was in 2004!

    And the only time I went to a bathhouse was in Budapest. It was a place where everyone walks around nude or basically nude. It was an interesting experience, especially since no one spoke english.

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    Happy birthday! I am starting to do yoga again too and I agree – it’s pretty great and I always forget about how great it is!

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