Weeks 10/11 and Physical Therapy!

When this whole ordeal started I remember saying that I wouldn’t set any goals for myself because I didn’t want to be disappointed. And then after a few weeks I decided to set the goal of walking by March 1. And that right there is a big goal fail, because I’m not walking. But even if my doctor had given me the go ahead to start walking, I couldn’t, because my foot is completely stiff in a weird position and I can’t freaking move it because scare tissue has solidified it in this position.

So because my foot is so stiff and won’t move, I finally got the go ahead to start physical therapy! WOOHOO. I went to my first appointment earlier last week, and we couldn’t do much, but I got a few stretches to start on and then got an awesome scar tissue massage. And the next morning I woke up with a still very stiff, but less stiff, ankle. Progress!

And then I had another appointment, I made even more progress! I couldn’t put my foot completely flat on the ground, but I was SO CLOSE.

When I was getting ready to leave my second appointment my therapist mentioned that she doesn’t usually work Saturdays, but she would be in that day if I wanted to come. I immediately jumped at the chance of an extra session, and then she casually mentioned “oh yeah…and bring an extra shoe.”

So this past Saturday was only my third PT session it ended up being a big one for me. First, we got my foot in the shoe. I haven’t worn two shoes in forever and it was weird. AND THEN….I got to ride the stationary bike. For only 10 minutes, but I got to do something. It was weird, my muscles weren’t sure how to work, it kind of hurt, but in a good way, and it actually took a lot out of me. But I was so happy with being able to do something.

And then as I was crutching back to the table my therapist informed me we were going to start learning to crutch walk. So then I practiced that. It’s not graceful and I can’t put a lot of weight on my foot, but for the past few days I have been practicing getting back in the motion of walking.

So baby steps, but we are making progress!!

As a reward for my hard efforts Eric then took me to New Jersey to get out of the house (lol not really for my efforts, but nice to get out). We went to Iron Hill Brewery for a beer thing they were having. I sampled many delicious sour beers.

After a few beers we made a stop at Wegman’s for grocery and I finally got to fufill a major goal I’ve had since getting hurt, riding a motorized scooter!

I cruised all around Wegman’s getting groceries and learned people are still assholes at grocery stores even when you are hurt. I still had a good time cruising though.

After all the progress from last week I can’t wait to see what happens in PT this week!

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A bit of progress at 8 weeks

Like I’ve done every two weeks for the past two months, yesterday was my doctor’s appointment. When I went two weeks ago my doc wanted me to get some CT scans so he could see if more surgery might be a possibility. Since then I have been a bit nutty and there were multiple breakdowns when I thought about the prospect of more surgery. Thank god for Eric, who kept having to remind me that the doc didn’t say I needed more surgery, just that it might happen, but I needed the scans to be able to even find out.

So last week I got my scans and yesterday I went to my appointment, and what do you know, it seems I worked myself up over nothing! My appointment was pretty good news all around!


My talus is still broken, but healing. Because of this I can’t put weight on my foot, walk, or start PT.

BUUUT…I am out of the cast(s)!! I now have an ankle brace and boot that I wear. Last night I got to wash my foot for the first time in 8 weeks! And then slathered it in coconut oil (to help the dry skin and the scar healing, also supposedly has anti-bacterial properties, and just smells good). And then I put a sock on. These were all weird, strange sensations.

I go back in 2 more weeks and I am hopefully for even more progress.

On a completely un-related note, this past weekend I made pretzels! I’ve missed cooking/baking while I have been injured. I can only stand on one leg for so long, and going around the kitchen getting multiple ingredients is a big pain. But this past weekend I needed to do something productive, and making something bread related seemed like a good plan. Minimum ingredients but very time intensive, which kept me occupied throughout the afternoon.


They turned out pretty good, especially for my first pretzel go round. I am excited to work on pretzels some more and hopefully nail down a pretty good “Philly style” one.

And to conclude the random post, below is a photo of me and Eric (and some friends) from a party last weekend! We’ve been trying to get out of the house as much as possible in between the snow storm now that I am feeling better. I was very adamant that my crutches NOT make an appearance in the photo.


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The Waiting Game – 6 Weeks

This week will mark 6 weeks since the accident/surgery and today I went to my 4th doctor’s follow up.

I felt really good and optimistic going into this appointment. I have felt great lately, little to no pain, and I thought today might be the day I would get rid of the cast for good.

They took my cast off and moved my foot around a bit and I felt no pain, just general stiffness. This all seemed like great progress to me. The skin on top of my foot is healing great and even starting to peel off which fresh looking skin underneath! This is great news as I was really worried about how the skin would heal.


One of the doctor’s commented that my dislocation was the worst she had ever seen. I guess if you are going to go big…go really big.

I even got to put my foot down for X-rays and it was the first time in almost 6 weeks that my foot has touched the ground, it was great!

So the good news! I am out of the cast! I am in a boot! I can’t put weight down but it’s easier to rest my foot in the boot, and when I am home I can take it off and hang out in style. I am hoping this is a lot more comfortable.




I can also practice moving it up and down a bit.

My appointment wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine though. I have to go get CT scans next week and I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks and find out if I need more surgery. Yea…more surgery, the last thing I was expecting to hear after what seemed like great progress.

I shattered off part of my talus and may need a bone graft to help fix it. I know in the long run if I need more surgery it’s for the best, but I just can’t imagine doing this all over again since I thought I was nearing the end. I currently have a plate in my Fibula and 3 screws in my Tibia.


But on the other hand everything could look great and I could be on my way towards PT and walking. So things are really up in the air for the next 2 weeks. I’m really trying to NOT focus on surgery being the option but I am also trying to be realistic and set my expectations.


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